FBOB Investigation: The online creeping game is catfish catfishing other catfishes

1 Feb



So there are a lot of apps, programs out there for connecting people for sex. The gays have grinder, the Christians have Christian Mingle, blacks got where black people meet, etc etc. It seems as though if you’re a niche market, there’s something there for you. However, being brought up in suburbia in a generation that doesn’t want to pay for anything, we are left to deal with what bare bones we got. I’m talking about Zoosk, Plenty of Fish and MeetMe. These are open to anybody and everyone, which is the problem. Gets too packed, too many fat chicks, too many young high schoolers (seriously kids, gtfo and go to a party or something, seriously it only gets harder to get laid inconsequentially in your life). Literally finding a decent looking chick, with no baggage, who’s DTF is impossible for the middle class white guy. It’s like a unicorn, it doesn’t exist. Granted I have a few friends who pull chicks from these sites, inevitably they are a little heavier and sometimes have taken the bus to said destination.

Like how Facebook was once cool, when a site or an app (see Tinder in 2 months) gets too saturated with the proletariat fatties or young ones, the hot chicks run. We don’t leave because we hold out hope, sticking our heads in the sands in hope that maybe just MAYBE some chick is down. Fact of the matter is that any hot chick in her 20’s really does not have to do much if she wants to get laid or meet some guys. And if there are any hot chicks left, they are 18 to 20 because once 21 hits, the bars, the clubs, the booze, the ecstasy….no chance of coming back, they are gone. So if you want to be that guy from To Catch a Predator, go for it, but i’ll pass. Thus leaves fat chicks, old broads, and nut jobs. Quite the mixed bag. Then you have the Jen Kirsh’s of the world:

484859_119507561554821_1437272244_n 65072_100735570098687_1340114539_n


Hottie central right? Well after getting added on MeetMe, it proceeded to go as a message where FB was suggested. Great, I thought. No, I should have trusted my gut. The following transpired just as an example of the many ways in which the average white penis is defrauded out of time, money and attention.

1 8 7 6 5 4 3 2


It might be a little long, but really just goes to show whats going on here. There exists no tool in the 21st century to help the regular white dude get laid without any monetary transaction. Money brings legitimacy (match.com), legitimacy brings women.

I think I’m just going to get a dog.


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