What would you rather? Date a chick obsessed with a decent/old show or a current shitty one?

22 Jan

cougar-town-creator-talks-move-to-cable friends-wallpaper

Okay, was talking to a buddy tonight who’s female friend loves Cougar Town. It’s weird because she’s mid-20’s too, but whatever, in any case, said chick DVR’s it, must see it every week, etc. etc. and he is forced to watch it. Hell, he’s had to go through of the drama of it going from ABC or NBC to TBS, just when he thought he was done with it, it returned to plague his sex life. Pretty tough stuff. However, my point was, well at least it’s new ya know? But he told me he’d rather go through watching a shitty show like “Friends” or “Sex in the City” than deal with this new one, which kind of miffed me and made me think. Sidenote, I hate Friends. Never liked it. Cheap, cheap, cheap laughs.

Here’s pro’s of watching the new show: odds are, there’s only so many episodes available. You’re not gonna catch it every day, it’s on that one night a week, it’s on demand, limited amount of exposure. Like going to church with your family when you’re home (unless you come from a den of heathens), sure it sucks for an hour to do the whole song and dance, but it’s one hour hopefully and then you’re done. Boom. Nothing for another week.

The cons? If your chick is obsessed with a shitty show….and I mean shitty in that, not that it’s a chick show (a la Girls on HBO) and is popular amongst girls, I mean your chick is the only one you know or anyone knows that appreciates the show. Usually it’s in its first season or struggling through a second, moved timeslots or networks, and you know this chick is going to try and fit that she watches this show into any conversation. She’s going to try and convert whenever she has the opportunity, completely fetch. Very socially awkward, not gonna happen.

However, let’s look at the cons of a decent old one. You know how many times I stop scrolling through the guide channel when I see Seinfeld or Eastbound and Down? Everytime. Now imagine that with Sex in the City or something else feminine. That can be pretty brutal, but then again chicks don’t watch as much tv as dudes and odds are you aren’t gonna know when these shows are randomly gonna be on in syndication. So you’re look at some random viewings if you have to watch tv together and I’m not gonna lie, sometimes these shows can be dece and have some hot chicks in it. True Blood is kind of a chick show and I get down with that big time. No homo.

My opinion, if she likes a shitty new show, there’s probably a reason why and if you can’t figure out why she likes it, she probably has horrible taste. It happens. Hell, I wanted Glory Daze on TBS to be funny so bad but it got cancelled after like 6 episodes. Shit happens, you try and support the underdog. They should have boozed, drugged, sexed up that show and put it on Showtime or Starz and could have been unreal, but again shit happens.

So in the end, deal with the shitty show for a couple months or get used to reruns. Personally, I say bite the bullet and take the new one, if it really sucks it’ll be gone soon enough. And if it’s good? You can tell her you’ve both already seen the episode before.

Now put it on Sportscenter and shut up.


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