Is this Stephen Dorff’s most convincing role ever?

22 Jan

Stephen Dorff and Blu eCigs


I’ve never done an ad or campaign like this, which is why I’m so excited to work with blu eCigs. The idea was inspired by an advertisement I originally made on my own because I personally use blu eCigs® electronic cigarettes. Thankfully, blu wanted to partner with me after seeing the ad I made and embraced my vision as a smoker. We teamed up to do something groundbreaking and give you my story as a smoker.

I love the Rise from the Ashes Campaign, it says it all. What else do I love about blu? blu eCigs are available in stores nationwide. I’ve made the switch, will you? Come on guys, Rise From the Ashes.

Talk about going out and finding the perfect thing for you, Blu didn’t even know that Dorff wanted this role. He made it then came to them with it and now we are all the more better off for this. This is exactly the type of dude if I was smoking to tell me to stop smoking. Coiffed hair, only the beach, cool/green friendly alternative, and I wouldn’t need to be a hipster asshole and roll my tobacco or smoke those American Spirits like some goddamn Sports Illustrated cut out advertisement.

Truthfully speaking, this could also be Stephen Dorff’s best role ever? Can you name anything else this dude has been in? I sure can’t. But you know what? That’s not the point. The point is he fucking did it in LA and now he’s not smoking anymore and he’s on a beach with fucking money hair cut with just the right amount of scruff. Second best performance ever, though? Deuces Wild, without question.



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