Supervisor wants to rename SFO Harvey Milk International….not that there’s anything wrong with that

15 Jan


SFgate – San Francisco supervisor wants to rename the city’s airport in honor of civil rights leader Harvey Milk, a change supporters said would send a global message about the importance and struggles of gays and lesbians for equality.

Supervisor David Campos will introduce legislation Tuesday that would place the proposal to rename San Francisco International Airport as Harvey Milk San Francisco International Airport before voters in November. To send the name change to voters, Campos needs the support of five other supervisors, and Monday he already had four co-sponsors.

Campos said about 80 other U.S. airports are already named for individuals, none of whom are gay, and that SFO – which moves 40 million passengers annually, including 9 million international travelers – has a particularly high profile. He believes it would cost between $50,000 and $250,000 to implement, citing the cost other cities have incurred to do the same, but said he hopes to attract private donations to fund the change.

Milk was a San Francisco supervisor when he and Mayor George Moscone were shot and killed by Dan White, a former supervisor, at City Hall on Nov. 27, 1978. He was one of the first openly gay people elected in the United States, and “has become an international symbol of civil rights, not just LGBT rights,” Campos said.

“There are already a number of things honoring Harvey Milk, including schools, but nothing of this national and international scale,” said Campos, who is gay. “It’s time to send a message that members of the LGBT community are treated with dignity and respect. … In places all over the world, including Europe and Asia, people of all walks of life look up to Harvey Milk.”

Supervisor Scott Wiener, who represents the same area that Milk did and is also gay, immediately signed on as a co-sponsor of Campos’ proposal, saying Milk “is the most important figure in the history of the LGBT community, and he played such a critical role in modern San Francisco politics.” 

“It would be very fitting to name the airport after Harvey Milk,” Wiener said, but added that it will probably “spark a robust conversation about the various people who have made significant contributions to San Francisco.

I’m totally down with this idea and think all airports should follow suit. My only qualm being that can we please keep the city acronyms? Like keep SFO for bag purposes because HMI sounds like a test you took in middle school PE or some sort of vaginal condition. Some of you might think that Harvey Milk is not a broad enough person to name the city’s airport after but then again, San Jose’s airport is named after former transportation secretary Norm Minetta….who zero people know. Your city’s airport has to encapsulate the history and people of the city with just one name. One name that makes you know exactly where you’re going. With that being said, I’d like to offer up some suggestions for other cities airport names.

Birmingham (AL) International —-> Bo Jackson International




Phoenix Sky Harbor International —–> Doc Holliday International



Baltimore Washington International Thurgood Marshall —–> Omar Little International



McCarron International (Las Vegas) —–> Alan Garner International



Charlotte/Douglas International (Charlotte) ——> Ric Flair International



Pittsburgh International Airport ——> Khalifa International





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