Nyjer Morgan is acting like a little bitch

15 Jan



The Big Lead –  Nyjer Morgan – or “T-Plush” – of the Milwaukee Brewers, one of the few guys who wears his uniform like a real big leaguer, has apparently been caught cheating on his (now ex-) girlfriend. Around 7pm Eastern, Morgan – or perhaps his scorned ex – updated his Twitter for the first time since Friday to say that he had cheated on his girlfriend and ruined her life.  Morgan was previously dating Jordana Lenz who appeared on VH1′s Baseball Wives which I did not know existed.

For now, @therealtplush has been re-purposed to make amends to the woman he wronged. His Twitter picture has changed and his bio now reads: “This is dedicated to my x girlfriend that i cheated on and left in the streets.” Oh, Nyjer. Did Shaggy teach you nothing?

Nyjer just giving in to doing whatever he can to salvage the relationship. We’ve all been there, we’ve all made these mistakes and I’ll be the first to admit it’s a lot easier to give this advice out than receive it, but then again you or I have never been professional athletes with million dollar salaries. Bro, I think you’ll be fine. There will be others, I’m sure.


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