Kaepernick fans: We all remember that Alex Smith made it to the NFC championship too right?

15 Jan



Hey let’s do a serious pumping of the breaks here, 49er fans. We all remember that Alex Smith got you guys into the NFC championship last year, right? And if it wasn’t for a botched special teams catch, that he’s probably in the Super Bowl last year. Not to mention, since when is getting to the same point as your predecessor considered success? I believe it’s called Wins Above Replacement. The dude with King Tut’s facial hair has still gotta win the next game to get into the Super Bowl before I count this guy as a success. The Falcons do not have Clay Matthews but I’ll be excited to see Kaepernick give up another pick 6 to start the game next week. Willing to bet the hacked Brazzers password i know on it. And when that happens and when the 49ers lose come next week, I’ll just be look forward to seeing Alex Smith’s Visa commercial face on the sidelines.

alex smith


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