Are these the faces of two twins who share everything and coined Slumerica?

15 Jan



Vice – “At the moment I’m on a Red Bull trip for Skateboarder magazine that started in New Jersey and ends in Miami. Yesterday I was in my hotel room in Atlanta iChatting about my son’s teething with my wife when my roommate, Jonathan Mehring, came in and said, “We just met these ganster ass twins who sleep in the same bed and only fuck the same girl.” I said goodbye to my wife, put on my shoes, and told Jonathan, “Take me to them.”

The short of it is they share the same bed, wear matching outfits, only fuck the same girls, were both engaged to the same Penthouse Pet, and are both looking forward to marrying the same woman and fathering the same child. The long of it is they are the most unique twins I’ve ever come across and a psychologist’s wet dream. I plan on flying back to Atlanta very soon to shoot a documentary on them. They are so amazing and their story is so tweaked, that this interview was only able to scratch the surface.”

Click for whole interview

I read this interview with my mouth agape the entire time. Two white-trash identical twins, losing their virginity at 13 to some 21 year old chick and apparently becoming the wonder twins in the process, vowing to share everything. A bed. A women. Each other’s sentences. They in fact both proposed at the same time to the same chick for a lifetime of 2 on 1. These guys must really be the only important thing they have in each other’s life, which is sort of admirable but at the same time creepy. Apparently they don’t argue who makes out/fucks a chick first, who shits first in the morning, etc. Maybe they have their own special twin language, I don’t know. Alls I know is, this could ONLY happen in the dirty south where you can become so impoverished and devoid of heritage/family/culture/society that this is possible. It doesn’t hurt also to be rich now judging by their penthouse view, because I guarantee if they were still poor this would not fly in the trailer park where it’s a human dog eat dog world. 

Aside from the whole twin angle, let’s just digest the fact they identify themselves as “Slumerican,” a subculture identity of those proletariats in the south that are so white and so ghetto they’re gully. They wear their garb with pride….and for some strange reason, celebrities and women are flocking to them. Check out them, from courtside at the Hawks to Selena Gomez.

A_VGaUGCMAAmAs- proxy proxy (1)

Only in America. I’ll also add, the amount of chicks these guys take pictures with in their apartment naked/semi naked is astounding. I guess women are truly as shallow as men. Maybe even more if you’re going to get tag teamed by these hicks.


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