MFK: Chick obsessed w/ True Blood/Chick obsessed w/ Girls/Chick who obsessed w/ Downton Abbey

14 Jan

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The combination Girls premiering their second season, Downton Abbey being on last night as well as True Blood re-run’s, got me thinking this would be a great MFK.

Now when i say obsessed, I mean, literally obsessed. Emulates the characters, buys merchandise, etc. It’s really quite simple, but I feel like a lot of you guys are saying that but have vastly different characters.

Fuck: Easy. True Blood chick. I have dated crazy and it grew out of a fling that in hindsight was a very poor choice, definitely was not worth the baggage. Come visit you in other parts of the country type nuts and what show did she love? Yes, True Blood. Wild for a few weekends, but not worth it. Going to end up with a lot of tears and a curse on your head, or wake up with your dick missing or some crazy stuff.

Marry/Kill: Now I might catch some shit for this but I am going to Marry Downton Abbey chick and Kill Girls chick. Here’s my reasoning, at least with Downton chick you are getting someone who carries themselves a little bit better publically and chief concern is social standing/money. At least when you get nagged about that, you’ll know when it’s coming. With Girls chick, I don’t what you’re gonna catch shit about, men are the enemy, and anybody who worships at the temple of Lena Dunham is dead to me. Next question.


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