Judge rules Oakland still open for weed

12 Jan


KRON4 – OAKLAND (BCN) — Leaders of the Harborside Health Center medical marijuana  dispensary in Oakland are praising a ruling in which a federal judge refused to order an immediate halt to drug sales at the facility.  

But while the decision on Monday by U.S. Magistrate Maria-Elena James of San  Francisco allows Harborside to continue operating for the time being, it  represents only one skirmish in a longer-term battle.
The ruling sets the stage for a future trial on two pending  forfeiture lawsuits in which the U.S. Justice Department is seeking to seize  properties rented by Harborside for its Oakland store and a smaller branch in  San Jose on the grounds that the facilities are used for illegal drug  activities.
In Monday’s decision, James turned down requests by landlords of  the two properties for injunctions prohibiting marijuana activities on the  properties, saying that the owners could not use the government’s forfeiture  bid as a mechanism for obtaining injunctions.
James said the forfeiture provisions of the U.S. Controlled  Substances Act allows only the government and not a private entity to seek an  injunction stopping alleged drug activities on property the government is  seeking to forfeit. 
Although the U.S. Justice Department is seeking forfeiture of the  properties after a trial, “it has elected not to pursue” an immediate  injunction, James noted. 
Harborside Executive Director Steve DeAngelo said, “We are  grateful that Judge James carefully considered the facts and arguments in the  Harborside case, and decided to grant us our day in court.”


So while you can’t get on BART in Oakland without being tazed or shot by police, know that you can still get your weed in Oaktown. I don’t understand why a landlord in Oakland wouldn’t want a dispensary as a tenant, because wouldn’t that push illegal sales somewhere else? And why is the justice department going off on some weed sales in Oakland? That’s probably #57 on the list of things to clean up in Oakland, for Christ’s sake they don’t even a have a chief of police right now. Just a bunch of federal dicks getting hard on’s trying to take down the free spirits of this great state. Just don’t get busted, bro’s.



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