Forget Sammy Sosa’s Pinstrest page, Vin Diesel’s official Facebook page is 7th layer of strange narcissism

12 Jan



Sammy Sosa’s Pinstrest page made a ton of news this week for being pretty hilarious, but Vin Diesel’s official Facebook page is old country way amazing. He/his team adds a Lisa Frank inspired picture to his timeline or cover photo legitimately everyday and I can definitely see Vin Diesel doing this himself. Check these gems out:

12055_10151409242638313_961975453_n 12226_10151411359633313_407526535_n 65185_10151406808038313_971598051_n 251757_10151265078653313_662717084_n 399226_10151413822258313_1258467993_n 415479_10151418190778313_1593437235_o 580776_10151295497653313_1658048783_n230343_10151413149158313_734803417_n 305165_10151239928148313_220631333_n



Does he realize he’s Vin Diesel? Bro, you’re no poet and just because you can use a filter on Photoshop/Instagram, that doesn’t make you artistic. Stick to be the ultimate hardo and leave the soft side behind.



P.S. Has anyone ever seen those Chronicle of Riddick movies? Legit question.


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