Kate Middleton’s Royal Portrait does her no justice; Prince William swears to buddies “Serious, guys, she’s hot.”

11 Jan


Yahoo! News – National Portrait Gallery staff said the duchess and her husband Prince William visited earlier on Friday and were “very pleased” with the outcome of a painting based on photographs taken at two sittings in May and June last year.

“Her family are also very pleased,” Emsley said. “To me that’s the ultimate test in a way, because they know her better than anyone else.”


Public reaction was less positive, however, with views on Twitter and newspaper websites overwhelmingly negative.

Many comments focused on how the image had aged the duchess, herself a graduate in art history, while others took the artist to task for portraying her smiling slightly.

One Daily Mail reader from Canada summed up broader opinion in an unnamed comment.

“OMG, how awful! Rather than being overly flattering as many royal portraits are, this one is the extreme opposite. She’s barely recognizable! Poor Kate, forced to say she’s ‘thrilled’ when in all likelihood, she is as horrified as the rest of us.”

Sunday Times art critic Waldemar Januszczak called the portrait “pretty ordinary … He (Emsley) made her look older than she is and her eyes don’t sparkle in the way that they do and there’s something rather dour about the face.”

Prince William has gotta be so pissed right now. First off, the portrait sucks, makes her look like a frumpy bitch and not only that, she’s preggo so this is going to be a jumping off point for her be pissy with the King to be. Kate Middleton now has one of those aces in the whole from now on any time they’re fighting to drop the ole, “Well, ya done fucked up my portrait,” line. Did I mention this makes Pippa look even better, pissing off your wife even more for her stealing the spotlight? Welcome to the doghouse, bro. More importantly, Prince William is in the army and there’s no doubt his buddies are going to give him tons of shit about this not to mention generations of royals to come thinking, “Ehh, I guess she was kinda hot.” No justice at all. Like that one kid in high school busting wallet pics/facebook photos of his girlfriend/chick and not getting the immediate approval of the group: “I swear bro, you gotta see her in person, super hot….she’s just not photogenic.”


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