If The Saturdays were a race horse, I would bet the kids’ college fund on them.

11 Jan




Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy now! It’s the Spice Girls 2.0 and I’m so down with this it’s scary. Nevermind the fact they look more like Brazzers chicks than Posh and the gang, I’m betting by the end of 2013 we will know at least 1 to 2 of their names. I’m not betting on any hit songs, au contrair: at least one of them will shag some famous dude/athlete in the Los Angeles and the reason I know this is that the E! channel will be there to film the entire thing. You’re playing with house money when it comes to The Saturdays, because there will without question be a sex tape of some sort, a celebrity run in, a feud with a B-level actress/songstress. The Saturdays becoming sordidly more famous is about as certain as death, taxes and me laughing uncontrollably at an AT&T commercial. With Ryan Seacrest basically running the E! channel, they’re bound to have an appearance on American Idol, which will lead to someone in the Lakers/Clippers/Angels/Dodgers/Chargers/Kings locker room going, “Hey you see that chick last night?” “Those British chicks on Idol? Yeah, that one chick was hot.” “Yeah, I’m gonna invite her to the game.” Boom, done. My money is on someone like Mike Trout or Blake Griffin, but most likely it’ll be some third line bruiser on the Kings. Until then, let the music play:


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