Colin Kaepernick without question is going to blow the game this weekend

11 Jan



San Jose Mercury News – Although Rodgers recently remarked on the NFL Network that Smith needs to go to a team that “appreciates” him, Rodgers wouldn’t weigh in Tuesday on the 49ers’ midseason promotion of Kaepernick.

Kaepernick still has made a favorable impression on Rodgers, who noted: “He’s a big, strong, athletic, young player with a really bright future.”

Kaepernick has posted a 5-2 record since replacing Smith. Kaepernick has averaged 8.3 yards per attempt, which would have led the NFL had he attempted six more passes. He’s accounted for 15 touchdowns this season (10 passing, five running) with only three interceptions (1.4 percent of his attempts).

Of course, those numbers pale in comparison to Rodgers, who passed for 4,295 yards with 39 touchdowns and eight interceptions in the regular season.

Trent Dilfer, the former 49ers quarterback who is now an ESPN analyst, gives the Packers the edge Saturday based on the quarterbacks.

“I see that assassin look in Rodgers’ eyes. I see it in the way he is playing,” Dilfer said on KNBR 680-AM. “He’s coming back home, and this guy carries a huge chip on his shoulder now that the Niners didn’t draft him.”

Not that Rodgers needs any more motivation to having gone to Cal and being from the area, now he can stick it to the 49ers again for sitting his buddy Alex Smith. THIS GUY, Kaepernick is going to undoubtedly throw a pick within the first quarter and is going to crumble from there, dude couldn’t put away the Rams. The Rams, Jerry, the Rams. Toss in a possible missing or injured Justin Smith and some absurdly high expectations for this mid-season back up and what you got is a recipe for disaster. Rodgers and the Packers have won a Superbowl, while Kaepernick is a glorified back up and David Akers couldn’t hit a field goal at this point if his life depended on it. No way Gonzo is able to rescue this team when the shit hits the fan on Sunday. Done.

P.S. If you don’t think Kaepernick has a Gonzo nose, you’re blind.


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