Can dudes shop at H&M?

11 Jan



Strolled into the mall today, walking past the brand new H&M in the mall. Got me curious, can I walk in there and buy stuff with no shame? I’m a pretty huge Beckham fan as anyone who knows me will attest, but even I’m hesitant to walk in there and buy a brand new henley or pair of briefs. Now granted I wont be purchasing this douche lord above me’s outfit, but I had an ex (who ironically still has my Beckham England jersey [note to self, need to make a snarky wall post to shame her to giving me that back]) who gave me an H&M zip up sweater for Christmas a couple years ago. Check it out:



I gave the, “Oh thanks” face at first, but chicks totally dig this stuff. Compliments on the West coast, East coast, and the South from white, black, Asian, Latino of women of all ages given to me. The thing gets at least 1.5 compliments from chicks a night. Of course, it gets about 7 insults from dudes that same night. I think I can live with that ratio, right? I can live with women thinking you look like this:



even if dudes think I look like this:



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