When did Whitney Cummings become hot?

10 Jan




So I was flipping past E! channel late night and came across Whitney Cummings’ “Love You, Mean It,” which I guess means her sitcom bit the dust, but I was transfixed by the nerd hot look she was sporting and it begged further viewing. Apparently she just went on vacation which could mean she got some work done or something, but she def upgraded from my idea of what she looked like before tonight which is this: 



Have I just not been watching TV or is this a sudden overnight change? Can’t figure it out, but her personal hero is Kathy Griffin, so what does that say?




God bless her for trying but still losing according to the scoreboard, honey. Anderson Cooper might be gay, but he spoke for all of us on New Years Eve when he told ya to take a hike. Anyways, is Whitney Cummings hot now? Thoughts?


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