This kid can do no wrong and the people demand more

10 Jan




By now you must have seen the AT&T commercials with the focus groups of 5 year olds about fast service. There are several of them floating around basic and late night cable circuit but this savant with his rant about a treehouse big screen TV is surreal. Poetry in motion. If you wrote what he said on a script it probably would sound like shit, but given to this young superstar, it’s art. If you haven’t seen it, take a look:



The dancing, the ability to dominate a conversation with other children, the comedic sense of timing and voice, he’s the total package. He’s changed everything. Describing this to my friends and family, I come off like Bill Walton describing Boris Diaw. I want this guy to revamp the Home Alone franchise ASAP, sure fire hit. No doubt. This guy has got it all.



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