Michael Lohan is just killing it on Twitter

10 Jan

michael lohan

Words cannot describe the immense amount of joy I get from Michael Lohan’s Twitter account. Just tackling haters, his ex-wife, sticking up for his daughter, preaching and doing the damn thing. We all know at the end of the day, when the shit hits the fan, LiLo is calling daddy Mike to deal with the po-lice and her psycho Mom. Dina, the former Mrs. Lohan as it would be, it seems has been harassing our man Mike through back channels with rape accusations, which has lead to this fantastic continuous diatribe today:

lohan twitter

Pure magic. He’s been through the drugs, the booze, the prison time, he’s the Mark Wahlberg of celebrity dads. I can only hope we can see/hear something as awesome as this again from him and Lindsay, as it would appear that she has the same relationship with her dad that Kevin Costner had with his in Field of Dreams.


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