If you’re not watching Joe Schmo this season, you’re the idiot.

10 Jan


Like the Winter Olympics, every few years a friend or the guide feature on your cable provider reminds you that Joe Schmo is back. This will be the third season, will feature Chase Rogan, a 28 year old business owner from Pittsburgh, PA. Ironically, every Joe Schmo featured has been from Pittsburgh, PA. Having lived there previously, I can attest to the bubble that these Yinzers live in which consists of the Steelers, Crosby’s jock strap and Primanti Brother’s sandwiches. West Pennsylvania obliviousness aside, I am a huge fan of Joe Schmo and I feel like even the X-games might have more of a following than this show which makes no sense. Do you not remember this guy from the first season?


Way ahead of its time, like Arrested Development. Did you know that Kristen Wiig was actually in the first season of Joe Schmo? Of course you didn’t.


Well this season is already off to its start which features back to back episodes every week, a double dose of Schmo. The premise this season is that a world famous bounty hunter and his trophy wife will hire one of the contestants as a bounty hunter as well as having a $100,000 prize at stake.


Not sold yet? Okay, let’s have Lorenzo Lamas as one of the cast members playing himself. No joke, he is playing himself as a contestant and the tremendous dick that you already thought he was.

Hell, they even have local Officer Smy from Super Troopers involved


His cover almost gets blown in the first episode, but this jamoke they got from Pitt is so timid he didn’t have a clue. Even saw the dude during casting and still didn’t know what was up. Had to call Officer Smy (Michael Weaver) out over almost ruining my favorite reality show:


Anyways, the show just started and like the World Cup, I encourage you to get behind it and feign interest for a few weeks because there’s nothing more American than fucking with someone.

P.S. Did I mention one of the cast members is supposed to be deaf and has a fake interpreter? Comedy gold.

A Deaf Ventriloquist?
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