Honest question, are the Warriors really for real? Like seriously?

10 Jan


The Warriors stand 22 and 12, currently second in the Pacific division and 5th in the Western conference. After a slow start, they have marquee wins over the Heat, Celtics, as well as beating the Clippers and Nets twice. Steph Curry and David Lee have argument to be starting All-stars for the West, in addition to both averaging more than 20 points per game for the season.  The bench play has been superior in comparison to many teams across the league and Andrew Bogut is still yet to return from injury. The players are responding to coach Mark Jackson and the GM/ownership group has done a fantastic job of building a great team whilst making the important inner city move (see also SF Giants) for a few years down the line in 2017, which mark it down will be one of the sickest arena’s in the game right on the water in SF off the embarcadero. But…

As Warrior fans will attest, we have been down that road of excitement before with Baron Davis/Jason Richardson/Gilbert Arenas/Stephen Jackson/Antawn Jameson/Monta Ellis et all. However, this crew of players seems like a group normal fans can get behind for a long time to come. They’re young in an aging Western Conference, the Sacramento Kings look to be moving to Seattle which will create more local fans and a new arena 4 years down the road will potentially make Golden State (Oakland) —-> San Francisco a destination for talent in the NBA. Very much in the model of the SF giants, this new direction for the team could pay off for years. Maybe even dare I say it, a throwback or a surpassing of the success of the Run TMC era.


Yet, like the on again off again girlfriend we’ve always had or seen in the style of Ronnie and Sammi Sweetheart, most of these great highlights have been followed by long periods of darkness. Here’s to hoping for anybody but the Lakers and a Western Conference final match up against Lob City. Until then, as long as my boy Jerry “the logo” West is still head consultant for the team, I know the Warriors can do no wrong.



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