Does this look like the face of a fake valet who scams tourists and hasn’t been prosecuted for it?

10 Jan

parkingscam-600x450 (1)

SFgate.comMaybe there is some truth to that old saw about returning to the scene of the crime. George Anderson, an alleged parking-lot con artist, is being held in a San Francisco jail cell after he was arrested Saturday on suspicion of scamming a driver by posing as a parking lot attendant. It was the same lot at Bay and Kearny streets near the Embarcadero where City Insider spotted the 50-year-old San Franciscan the week before. Police also caught Anderson at the same lot on Dec. 1 impersonating a parking attendant and charging two people $50 each to park, according to a Dec. 2 e-mail from police Officer Josh Tiumalu to port officials. 

This time around, a 61-year-old Riverside County man gave Anderson cash and saw him pocket the money, police said. The tourist felt uneasy and asked a police officer on patrol to verify that Anderson was indeed a parking lot employee. When Anderson saw the officer, police allege, he put the money he collected into the pay machine at the lot – a move that earned him a misdemeanor count of destruction of evidence. Anderson was also booked into jail on suspicion of two felony theft charges and a probation violation, officials said. According to police, Anderson has prior arrests in San Francisco for numerous theft-related crimes and is on probation for possessing or receiving stolen property. 

During his most recent arrest, police said, “Anderson also made a statement to officers pointing out that he had been the subject of a recent newspaper article about parking-lot con artists.” He’s one of several people that parking lot operators have identified as chronic scammers. The con artists, who go to self-serve pay lots and take money from unsuspecting drivers by pretending to be parking lot attendants, have generated rounds of finger pointing. Parking companies say the problem is lax prosecution that allows repeat offenders to get out of jail quickly, and some city staffers say the operators need to have more security measures or regular attendants. Anderson, for his part, won’t be bounced out of jail quickly this time. According to the Sheriff’s Department, he’s being held without bail.

Talk about knowing your niche market, this guy goes up and down the Embarcadero bagging tourists for $50 a pop? You get 2, 3 of those a day every day for a year, you’re looking at pulling in north of 50k a year TAX-FREE?! How many people would jump at that? I bet this guy gets at least 10 cars on the weekends, easy. Seems as though the glory run for Mr. Anderson could be over, but he’s probably been doing this for years as the lax prosecution mentioned above allows him to get out of jail quick. If that’s the case, you’ve certainly inspired a generation of North Beach hustlers to follow in your footsteps….oh wait, you’ll most likely be back on the street in a few months? Bravo, George Anderson. Not only on having the whitest name I’ve heard of, but for just being you.



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